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Odour Eradication and Disinfection Specialists
Now Serving Southwestern Ontario

Locker Rooms and Excercise Facilities

Ask about how our regular maintenance service package and take the worry out of possible health issues in your facility.

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Mobile Odour and Disinfections Specialists

Fresher locker rooms and odour free exercise!

Has your locker room or facility been disinfected with the latest technology to eradicate and destroy airborne & surface contaminants?

Don't wait for a highly contagious virus outbreak to strike! Our decontamination technology uses an advanced form of photocatalytic oxidation to destroy harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Maintain a clean fresh smell throughout your facility:

• Permanent removal of all odours
• Destruction of airborne and surface viruses & bacteria
• Dramatically reduces allergens, including mold spores
• Complete surface sanitation
• Chemical free & environmentally safe


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