BioSense Environmental Inc
Odour Eradication and Disinfection Specialists
Now Serving Southwestern Ontario

We are VERY DIFFERENT from other cleaning systems and technologies

High performance odour eradication and disinfection systems specialist operating in Southwestern Ontario



Mobile Odour Eradication and Disinfection Specialists

A better smell makes a much easier sell all round!

BIOSENSE Environmental Inc. uses revolutionary technology.

Our rapid mobile service far exceeds traditional odour removal and surface disinfection methods. Our chemical-free and environmentally friendly technology is based on a highly advanced form of the established science of photocatalytic oxidation and eradicates any odour, destroys airborne and surface contaminants, including: airborne bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungi, aerosols, fumes, and volatile organic compounds.

Our proven process takes hours and not days like existing conventional technologies thus minimizing disruption time and costs. One more important factor – we guarantee our results!


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