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Odour Eradication and Disinfection Specialists
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Property Management and Hotel Solutions - a cleaner property rents out quicker

Our exclusive BioSense Environmental technology rapidly and permanently removes any and all unwanted odours from your rental properties and thoroughly disinfects the unit at the same time – including the HVAC system

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Mobile Odour and Disinfections Specialists

The fresher the scent the sooner it rents!

Are lingering odours in your properties affecting your bottom line? Do you have unleasable inventory due to any of the following embedded odours?

• Tobacco smoke
• Musty mold & mildew
• Sewage / Septic
• Perfume
• Pet odours (of all kinds)
• Cooking odours (strong smells, grease, etc)
• Spoiled food
• any nuisance odour

Our mobile service and technology offers fast service and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Solution = Real cost saving and benefits!

Call us first and save the expense of:
• Carpet replacement to eliminate odours
• Applying sealers to floors and walls to temporarily mask odours
• HVAC unit sanitizing to eliminate mold, smoking or cooking odours absorbed in HVAC system

Significantly reduce the time that the unit is not occupied or rented

• Treatments can often be scheduled with 24 hour notice.
• Treatments only take 6 to 8 hours and can be done anytime (morning, afternoons or overnight)
• Hotel rooms that are typically smaller living spaces can be treated in 3 to 4 hours


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