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Advanced Odour Eradication and Disinfections Specialists

Our exclusive BioSense Environmental Inc. technology rapidly and permanently removes any and all unwanted odours from your buildings and vehicles fleet ranges.

Highly suitable for:

Government Buildings


Sports Centres

Care Homes

and much more - contact us for Special Package rates and full information on the benefits of using a



Mobile Odour Removal and Disinfection Service

Does your place of work have odour issues?

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Police vehicles, ambulances, public transportation vehicles, trains, planes ships (especially in health outbreaks where passenger has been onboard with a reportable communicable disease suspected of having it and full disinfection is required. Government vehicles that enter contaminated areas (CFIA inspectors)

• Again we offer quick treatment time, nimble, flexible and professional. Perhaps there’s an emergency response piece to this that could be promoted as in met lab decontamination, trauma scenes etc…

Regular maintenance type accounts
University housing, dorms Gyms etc.
Sports facilities, locker rooms, sports teams (Guelph Storm, Kitchener Rangers)
Exercise facilities
Old age homes

BioSense air and surface decontamination technology is a proprietary treatment process with an average completion time of 8 hours. The home must be unoccupied during treatment (no people or pets). BioSense Service Providers are professionally trained in the safe and effective application of our technology for odour and contaminant removal. Results are permanent as long as new odour sources are not re-introduced.


Proven technology with permanent results

Same-day service

Won't harm carpet, fabric or other materials

NO harmful chemical residue - environmentally friendly

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