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Flexible fast and non-intrusive turnarounds that will service your needs in 4 EASY STEPS!

BioSense Environmental Inc. understands that time is important and we appreciate that our services should not interfere with your day-to-day operations. To that end, we will work closely with you and endeavour to accommodate any special requirements.

If you are a real estate specialist, you will want your listing on the markets in top condition as soon as possible - we are able to attend the property and within a very short time frame it will be ready for inspection without those annoying odours.

Car sellers know that a vehicle has some barriers to overcome and one of those is any potential old and musky smell that may linger. Our service removes those issues and buyers will feel the vehicle is much cleaner and more appealing.

BioSense offers package rates to Auto Dealers and when it comes to show time having a range of vehicles that look good and 'SMELL GREAT' will only add to the value.

Opposite you will find a simple outline of our 4-point service plan that fits into your schedule.


The purpose of the Site Assessment is to meet with customer and fully discuss area of concern, determine the source of the problem (including proper removal of the source i.e. urine saturated carpet, dead animal etc.) and physically inspect the treatment space in order to develop an effective Treatment Plan. At this point the cost of the treatment can be determined and left with the customer for consideration.
The purpose of the Treatment Plan is to provide the customer a detailed explanation of how the BioSense treatment process will unfold including when they would like to have the treatment done, length of treatment, any preparations that may be required by customer prior to treatment, customer contact information of where they can be reached during the treatment (as the space has to be vacated of humans and animals) and when the treatment area can be safely re-entered. At this point a customer sales agreement is signed
BioSense technicians will arrive on site at agreed date and time. We will answer any questions that you may still have and begin the treatment. By the time the customer gets back, the treatment area is cleared of all equipment and other prep stuff and totally safe to re-enter. The technician will be onsite when customer returns and provide a full briefing as to how the treatment went and do a walkthrough of the treatment area with the customer. Payment for service is required in full at this time.
We are committed to providing the highest quality support to all of our customers. When we contact you to ensure your complete satisfaction we would appreciate your feedback about your recent service interaction so we can make our client's experience an even better one.
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