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“The technology has helped in decreasing the deodorization time that it typically took on various projects by at least 50%.”

Steamatic Franchisee

“From a recommendation, I consulted Marc, for a client who wished to purchase a home that met all her needs except it was a smoker's residence. My buyer was not going to make an offer as a result of the smoke residue. Marc, promptly, visited the property and explained how he could eliminate the situation. His price was acceptable and such was hired. ........and for the rest of the story. The buyer, extremely happy with the process used and Marc's integrity, is residing in her new home and enjoying it immensely. I will continue to use and refer Marc's services”.

Faye Schultz Royal LePage Crown Realty Services Cambridge

“Recently I recommended Marc to a client of mine who bought a condo unit and wanted to have the smell of cigarette smoke removed from it. The previous owners were heavy smokers. My client reported that Marc's Company did everything as promised and thanked me for recommending him. Thanks Marc for making me look good! “

Keith Marshall Realtor with Royal LePage Grand Valley

"We recently moved into a house where the previous owners smoked heavily indoors, and had a large dog. We tried cleaning the house and all of the walls, but were unable to get rid of the smoke odour. After having the treatment done in early February, the smell of smoke is totally gone, and has not returned. Thanks so much."

Allison Feir

“Things are great and getting back to routine. I must say that you did a great job for us and I have absolutely no hesitation in making a recommendation for the technology you offer. I have to say that a huge reason that Im back to work this fast is because of what you did for our office. I would welcome any questions from any medical client you have to back you and the service you offer. My most sincere gratitude for the service you offer. It was a pleasure to have dealt with you. I hope to have an opportunity to work with you again, of course under better circumstances than I was facing this time. THANK YOU Marc!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Aly Adatia BSc., DDSDentistry on Erb
655 Erb Street West, Unit 400
Waterloo, Ontario

“Excellent Job - there was a strange odour of cooked Rice, Fish and paint that permeated the entire condo. Now it has a fresh clean smell that will allow people the time to look at the home and consider it. Prior to your work I had shown it to a client and in their language other than English - their son - said let's get out of here - this place stinks!! Hahaha - now that won't happen! I appreciate your excellent work. Please feel free to have any of your potential clients call me”. – Roy Cleeves, hBBA  &  Broker, ASA (Accredited Senior Agent)

Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty

“After dealing with a basement flood in one of my rental properties, there was a significant mildew odour and possible mould concerns. As the home was occupied it was a priority for me to deal with the situation. A friend of mine recommended calling BioSense. Their treatment took care of both the odour and mould concerns in less than a day. My tenants are satisfied and I'm impressed with the service and technology. Thanks Marc and my pleasure to recommend your services....”

Scott McNab – Guelph ON

“Marc. Just wanted to thank you for your quick service and treating our home in time for the open house. There were no complaints about the dog smell or any smell for that matter. Some agents have returned since the 1st visit and were very impressed. I think your system works great and we are very pleased”.

Paulinka Yee – Guelph

“Up till now I thought fully getting the smell of cigarette smoke out of a vehicle wasn’t possible. I recently had a couple who loved the car I showed them but were in no way interested in purchasing it as they knew it was previously owned by smokers. The smell of stale cigarette turned them completely off. I asked them if I could guarantee getting rid of the cigarette smell if they would purchase the vehicle? My client said yes but did not have high expectations that it could be done. I called BioSense late that afternoon and they came and worked their magic on the car the next morning. BioSense completely removed any trace of cigarette smell in the car. My client inspected the car thoroughly and purchased it. I strongly recommend BioSense to anyone who needs to permanently remove odours from their vehicles”.

Marty Evans – Sales Representative, Cambridge Centre Honda

"The success combined with consumer and contractor acceptance was absolutely fabulous! The system is not intrusive or aggravating to the claimants. Its like the magic wand the customer always expects after the mishap!"

Sven Steindorff, Senior Field Adjuster, Lombard Canada

"It has been over a month and the house is still odour free. People who visit the house now have never once noticed that there may have been a problem before. Your system works and I would recommend it to anyone."

Mike Splett, Mississauga Ontario

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