Probiotic Cleaning

an alternative to disinfectants

PIP line of cleaners was developed by the Belgium company Chrisal in 2006.

PIP’s non-toxic  and non corrosive cleaners are enriched with safe,  beneficial strains of probiotics, keeping the beneficial, not harmful, probiotic microorganisms dominant. This reduces odours, biofilms, allergens and harmful germs, creating a healthier microbial environment in your home, work, or play space.

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Cleaning with the use of probiotic cleaning products makes your office, facility or home healthier and create a healthy microflora.

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Products enriched with safe, probiotic bacteria that provide additional benefits to the hygiene and cleaning regime

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Probiotic cleaning for commercial and farm animals has caused a real breakthrough in animal care and hygiene for producers.

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KURINA Airco Cleaner is a new type of probiotic air conditioning cleaner made from 100% natural active ingredients

During cleaning or application with PIP products, a large portion of pathogenic (harmful) bacteria are removed by physical means (mopping/washing) as is the case with regular cleaning.

The innovative aspect of the PIP range is that immediately after being applied, a layer of good (probiotic) bacteria is now on the cleaned surfaces (or in water treatment in the water). The PIP bacteria will immediately occupy all space, and consume the food and moisture resources, thereby preventing newly arriving pathogenic bacteria from multiplying.

Added to this is the Gause’s Law of competitive exclusion where our good bacteria eventually outcompete the bad bacteria.

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