Don't let odour issues stop you from getting the best deal on your home

Are you planning to put your home up for sale or rent? In order to get the best possible price and the quickest turnaround you need to make sure your home will appeal to potential buyers and renters from the moment they walk through your door.

Painting and de-cluttering is always a good idea but to ensure your home's features and layout will truly be appreciated don't overlook what could be a silent deal breaker - odour. You may not even notice it anymore but it could have potential buyers or renters turning away.

If you're a smoker, pet owner or love to cook spicy ethnic foods it's very likely that the walls, carpet and furniture in your home have retained a distinct odour over the years. And unfortunately while it smells like home to you it could make selling or renting out your home harder.

You might consider cleaning the walls, furniture and carpets to get out the smell or perhaps go as far as ripping out the flooring and replacing curtains, couches and bedding. While this might reduce the smell it won't eliminate it and can be very expensive.

Odours are caused by microscopic off-gassing molecules that attach themselves to everything and are very hard to get rid of because of their sheer number and ability to embed in so many items and areas in your home. Masking odours with scented candles and fragrances is an inadequate solution that may irritate the respiratory systems of buyers.

BIOSENSE Environmental has a permanent high-tech solution that will eliminate all surface and airborne odour-causing molecules in your home as well as disinfect it. Odours are completely and quickly eradicated from all contents in your home, including the flooring, furniture, clothing, electronics and more.

For more information on how to get rid of odours that could prevent a quick sale, visit BIOSENSE Environmental at or call 1-888-502-5157 x 102.

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