All vehicles build up odours from regular use. There are the usual spills from food and beverages which often fall into difficult to reach areas. Tobacco smoke can contaminate all surfaces, crevice including its heating/cooling system. Pet and body odours can also cause seats and carpets to smell. Let’s not forget about the high count of germs/bacteria in your vehicle and its ventilation system. BIOSENSE vehicle treatment will effectively kill bacteria, viruses mould spores, allergens and neutralize odours. We can treat your vehicle at your location and treatment time is approximately 90 minutes.

A better smell makes a much easier sell!

Have your auto, limo, RV or semi treated on site using the latest technology for the permanent removal of unwanted odours and bacteria. Bring back the fresh new smell to your vehicle and drive up its value. Our exclusive BioSense technology rapidly and permanently removes any and all unwanted odours from your odour-damaged vehicle inventory, as well as bacteria and viruses.

• Permanent removal of all foul odours (smoke, pet (urine), perfume, eradicates all strong cooking smells etc.)
• Destruction of airborne & surface viruses and bacteria
• Dramatically reduce allergens, including mold spores
• Complete vehicle bio-sanitation including ventilation system
• Not an ozone fogger or masking agent all without the use of harsh chemicals!
• BioSense odour eradication and disinfection technology is a 5-stage process with a rapid completion time of 90 minutes.
• The odour removal and bio-cleansing results are permanent so long as new odour sources are not re-introduced.
• Off Gas Reduction in New Vehicles

Rapid Mobile Service, Fast Treatment Process
Proven Technology with Permanent Results
Recoup Money Lost On Discounted Odour-damaged Inventory
No Need to Dump Distressed Vehicles to Auction
No Chemical Residue - Environmentally Friendly
SAFE - Won't Harm Fabrics or Materials

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