Realtors and Homeowners

Does your REAL ESTATE listing have odour issues?

Embedded odours can be SILENT DEAL KILLERS! BioSense services will help sell your odour impacted listings faster and ensure satisfied home buyers. Our technology's rapid, same-day process permanently and safely eradicates all odours and restores a fresh, clean smell throughout the home.

• Permanent removal of odours (cigarette and fire smoke, pets, skunk, eradicates all strong cooking smells, mildew, etc.)

• Destruction of airborne & surface viruses and bacteria

• Dramatically reduces allergens, including mold spores

• Air duct and whole building bio-sanitation

• Trauma scene cleanup and sterilization

• Not an ozone fogger or masking agent

Bring back that Fresh Air smell to your sellers home and get full market value for your listing

BIOSENSE air and surface decontamination technology is a proprietary treatment process with an average completion time of 8 hours. The home must be unoccupied during treatment (no people, pets (including aquariums) or plant. BioSense Service Providers are professionally trained in the safe and effective application of our technology for odour and contaminant removal. Results are permanent as long as new odour sources are not re-introduced.

Fresh Start – ProProtect  

Have your home fully disinfected and then ongoing protection with natural probiotics

BIOSENSE will fully disinfect your home and then apply our amazing probiotics throughout. Our probiotics  will help achieve a stable microflora in your home. By switching to our probiotic cleaning products for your regular cleaning routine. With our probiotic cleaners you will achieve two things at once: Firstly, a healthy microflora will be present on all surfaces, secondly, you no longer need to use  harmful chemical cleaners and disinfectants. Fresh Start Proprotect packages start from as low as $350.00 (plus cost of ongoing probiotic cleaning products). Call us now for more information.

Overcome objections due to odour-related issues
Get fair market price as odour impact is eradicated
Proven technology with permanent results
Same-day service
Won't harm carpet, fabric or other materials
NO harmful chemical residue - environmentally friendly

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