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Parents and Students desire a Clean Green Living Environment in Campus Housing! BIOSENSE provides a highly effective solution for surface disinfection killing most viruses and bacteria including H1 N1, MRSA and C.diff and Covid. Our system safely eradicates airborne and surface contaminants and restores healthy indoor air quality in classrooms, common areas, offices and campus housing.

- Permanent removal of all odours

- Smoke, pet, cooking, cannabis etc..

- Destruction of airborne and surface viruses & bacteria

- Mattress sanitation

- Chemical Free & Environmentally Safe

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Have your facilities fully disinfected and then ongoing protection with natural probiotics

BIOSENSE will fully disinfect facilities and then apply our amazing probiotics throughout. Our probiotics  will help achieve a stable microflora in your facility. By switching to our probiotic cleaning products for your regular cleaning routine. With our probiotic cleaners you will achieve two things at once: Firstly, a healthy microflora will be present on all surfaces, secondly, you no longer need to use  harmful chemical cleaners and disinfectants. Call us now for more information.

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Permanent removal of all odours
Destruction of airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and fungi
Dramatically reduce allergens, including mold spores
Air Duct and whole building/vehicle bio-sanitation
Trauma scene sterilization
Chemical free & environmentally safe

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