Restoration / Insurance

For cleaning, restoration and mold remediation contractors

BioSense Environmental Inc. can provide the following project services:

• Building decontamination & restoration (during tearout as part of containment, between shifts)
• As a mold clearance device post construction (extremely effective)
• As a mildew odour removal device following a project or duct cleaning. Guaranteed permanent results – no redoes or complaints
• As a whole building odour removal service following fires – our equipment is unsurpassed and completes the job in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods
• Smoke odour removal of furniture and other onsite contents
• MRSA 7-log reductions at 20ft radius in 4 hours with zero residual
• Trauma / crime scene odour removal and pathogen mitigation
• Highly effective and quick treatment times on meth labs
• Scalable technology for the smallest to largest of losses

Contents decontamination & deodorization

• Contents room processing in 2-6 hours, where other technology can take 72+ hours.
• We can provide contents processing within 48 hours – often on the same day
• Our process will not blanch or harm fabrics of any type. Safe, ultra-fast on furniture and all electronics.

Guaranteed Solutions:

BioSense air and surface decontamination technology is a proprietary treatment process with an average completion time of 8 hours. The home must be unoccupied during treatment (no people or pets). BioSense Service Providers are professionally trained in the safe and effective application of our technology for odour and contaminant removal. Results are permanent as long as new odour sources are not re-introduced.

Protein fire in High Rise Building –Waterloo ON

After 1 week of airing out a condo after a protein fire, the environment and contents & clothing were still tremendously odiferous even though there was no combustible damages from the event.

Estimates were given to the policy holder to dry clean and launder clothing, clean all furniture, clean all horizontal and vertical surfaces, install air scrubbers, then paint all surfaces.  It was expected that the policy holder was to be out of his residence during the restoration and estimates to repair exceeded $20,000.

Enter BioSense, and after a treatment which took place while the residents were at work, the homeowner entered his home after supper and did not have to entertain any other restoration services, savings were over $17,000.

Permanent removal of odours
Destruction of airborne & surface viruses and bacteria
Dramatically reduce allergens, including mold spores
Air duct and whole building bio-sanitation
Trauma scene cleanup and sterilization
Not an ozone fogger or masking agent

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