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Automotive Cleaning & Restoration

Have your auto, limo, RV or semi treated on site using the latest technology for the permanent removal of unwanted odours and bacteria. Bring back the fresh new smell to your vehicle and drive up its value.

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Healthcare & Medical Facilities

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Realtors & Home Owners

Embedded odours can be SILENT DEAL KILLERS! BioSense services will help sell your odour impacted listings faster and ensure satisfied home buyers. Our technology's rapid, same-day process permanently and safely eradicates all odours and restores a fresh, clean smell throughout the home.

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Commercial Property Management

Are lingering odours in your properties affecting your bottom line? Do you have unleasable inventory due to any of the following embedded odours? Tobacco smoke, Musty mold & mildew, Sewage / Septic, Perfume, Pet odours (of all kinds), Cooking odours (strong smells, grease, etc), Spoiled food any nuisance odour

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Exercise Facilities and Gyms

Has your locker room or facility been disinfected with the latest technology to eradicate and destroy airborne & surface contaminants? Don't wait for a highly contagious virus outbreak to strike! Our decontamination technology uses an advanced form of photocatalytic oxidation to destroy harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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Infection Control & Sanitization

Don't wait for a highly contagious virus outbreak to strike! Our innovative decontamination technology using an advanced form of photocatalytic oxidation destroys harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi. MRSA, C. diff, H1N1 and other pathogens are a growing challenge in healthcare and community environments.

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Insurance Claims & Restoration

Building decontamination & restoration (during tear-out as part of containment, between shifts). As a mold clearance device post construction (extremely effective). As a mildew odour removal device following a project or duct cleaning.

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