Property Management

Get that unit rented ASAP!

Are lingering odours in your properties affecting your bottom line? Do you have unleasable inventory due to any of the following embedded odours?

• Tobacco smoke
• Musty mold & mildew
• Sewage / Septic
• Perfume
• Pet odours (of all kinds)
• Cooking odours (strong smells, grease, etc)
• Spoiled food
• any nuisance odour

Our mobile service and technology offers fast service and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Solution = Real cost saving and benefits!

Call us first and save the expense of:
• Carpet replacement to eliminate odours
• Applying sealers to floors and walls to temporarily mask odours
• HVAC unit sanitizing to eliminate mold, smoking or cooking odours absorbed in HVAC system

Overcome objections due to odour-related issues
Get fair market value as odour impact is eradicated
Proven technology with permanent results
Same-day service
Won't harm carpet, fabric or other materials
NO harmful chemical residue - environmentally friendly

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