Get rid of unwanted odours in your home

Do you have an odour issue in your home? Smoking, fires, skunks, pets and cooking can all cause persistent unwanted odours that can permeate your home despite your best efforts at cleaning.

Odours are caused by molecules that become embedded on surfaces of a wide variety of contents in your home. That's why simply cleaning the floors and walls isn't enough to truly eradicate odours. These molecules attach themselves to everything from flooring to window coverings, walls, furniture, clothing and even books and electronics and once they get into the ventilation system, the smell can travel throughout the home.

The market for air fresheners is huge but the latest plug-ins, candles and sprays will only provide temporary relief by masking odours. Air fresheners are also only capable of covering up the scent in small areas and can cause their own health problems in people with respiratory issues.

You might consider painting to get rid of nasty odours such as cooking smells or smoke. However, covering up smells with a fresh coat of paint creates two new problems. Once a smell has been painted over it's much harder to treat as the molecules are trapped under layers of paint. As time passes, the chemicals that cause the odours will seep through the paint and the smell that you tried to cover up will return. This may happen in as little as a few weeks.

Before you throw out your furniture and window coverings and rip out your carpet, there is a more cost-effective way to permanently remove unwanted odours that can possibly save replacement costs.

BIOSENSE Environmental has a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly solution that eradicates odours. Utilizing proven technology called photocatalytic oxidation in a five-stage process, BIOSENSE is able to destroy the odour-causing chemicals quickly and effectively. All surface and airborne bacteria, germs and allergens will also be destroyed for complete bio-sanitation of your home. BIOSENSE's solution is also very safe and won't harm fabrics and electronics.

For more information on removing odours from your home, visit BIOSENSE Environmental at or call 1-888-502-5157 x 102.

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