Get the smell of skunk out of your home, auto or RV

When you're driving up to cottage country with the windows open you might catch the scent of skunk in the air. Generally this isn't something you mind, as you might make a joke and close the windows. However, if someone in your family or one of your pets has been sprayed by a skunk and you've tried everything to get the smell out of your home without success, read on.

Skunks generally only spray when they feel threatened. The spray is actually a defence mechanism that they use to protect themselves. Their essence, which is a yellow creamy sulphur compound called n-butyl mercaptan, can burn the eyes and make another animal reconsider eating it. Skunks usually warn their victims before they spray them by pounding their feet on the ground. They might also leak a bit of the fluid so if you smell skunk and hear the pitter patter of little feet, take cover.

Skunks can spray up to four to five metres and up to six-times in succession. If you, a family member or a pet does get sprayed, the odour can be transferred into your home when entering the house. This noxious odour can also enter through open windows and doors.

Skunk odour is actually caused by molecules that attach themselves to surfaces and become embedded making it very hard to remove. In order to get rid of the odour, these molecules need to be destroyed. Simple air fresheners may mask the smell for a short time but the perfumed scents will wear off. While tomato juice is suggested for people and animals, bathing your carpet, furniture and fabrics in this liquid is not a viable option.

BIOSENSE Environmental has an environmentally friendly solution to persistent odours such as those caused by a skunk. The company utilizes state-of-the-art technology called photocatalytic oxidation in a five-stage process to completely eliminate unwanted odours from all contents and surfaces within a home safely and quickly.

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