Remove pet odours permanently

They greet you at the door excitedly, cuddle up with you when you're watching TV and sleep at the foot of your bed at night. Dogs and cats are more than just pets, they're part of the family. Unfortunately, these family members can cause unwanted odours throughout the house.

Animal fur is wonderfully soft to pet but can be rampant with bacteria, especially when wet. Even if your pet is trained to go outside to relieve itself, there can still be accidents, resulting in urine and feces on flooring or fabrics. Animal urine contains ammonia, which is a potent chemical with a very pungent smell. Feces have a noxious odour, which can attract flies and other insects when it breaks down.

Animal odours can be some of the most difficult to treat. Over a billion dollars is spent annually creating new products to mask the odours our furry friends leave behind. While many of these products will cover up odours temporarily they often don't remove the chemicals found in urine and feces that cause the odours. The smells will therefore return once the air freshener wears off.

Odours are actually caused by molecules that attach themselves to surfaces such as wall, ceilings, ductwork, carpets, fabrics and furniture. In order to truly get rid of odours, these molecules need to be destroyed. Simple air fresheners aren't capable of doing this.

BIOSENSE Environmental has an environmentally friendly solution that effectively eliminates animal odours completely. Utilizing proven technology called photocatalytic oxidation in a five-stage process, BIOSENSE produces simultaneous, interrelated forms of oxidation to eradicate airborne contaminants. Persistent odours are safely removed from all contents in the home, including carpets, furniture, window coverings and fabrics and your home is sanitized for a clean fresh smell.

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