Rid your home of the smoky odour caused by fire

Dealing with a fire in your home and the aftermath can be very traumatic. Even small fires can cause extensive damage due to smoke that can permeate your walls, carpet, furniture and clothes. While fire can be contained, smoke can easily travel throughout the home and wreak havoc on rooms far from the actual site of the fire.

Smoke particles are the size of .004 microns and number in the millions. They can easily get into wall cavities, behind wood trim, into your air ducts and travel throughout your home, becoming embedded in all kinds of items with each particle causing a smoky odour.

Your first thought to deal with smoke damage might be to try cleaning or painting over it. You might want to get your air ducts cleaned, rip out your carpet and get rid of bedding and curtains. Unfortunately, this can be a very costly way to go about restoring your home and likely will not resolve the issue permanently. Paint will only mask the odour for a short time and the smoke particles will still remain in many unexpected areas.

Before you do anything, contact your insurance agent who should know a better way to take care of the smoke damage in your home.

BIOSENSE Environmental has a proven eco-friendly high-tech solution that can permanently remove smoke odours and harmful VOC’s caused by fire damage. In a matter of hours, BIOSENSE can eradicate the odour-causing smoke particles from all contents and surfaces in your home and leave it disinfected and smelling fresh and clean.

For more information on how you can get rid of the smoky odour that lingers long after the fire's been extinguished, visit BIOSENSE Environmental at www.biosenseenvironmental.ca or call 1-888-502-5157 x 102.

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